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Christy Turlinton
She doesn't think she's extraordinary, and is aware that she just happens to be one face amongst many.
Kurt Markus

Christy Turlington
"My favorite models are those who can lose control, who can entertain me so I can be a happy observer, so I can be a picture taker not picture maker.
Arthur Elgor

Christy Turlington
"Christy is an example of balance and continuity. Our creative partnership has lasted nearly ten years. Of all the models, she's the one whose face has changed the least. Her beauty is so pure, it's as if time had just passed by without leaving any traces."
Peter Lindberg

Christy Turlington
"Christy is a perfect model. She is chic inside, she has charm. She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn."
Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele

Christy Turlington
"Christy, je l'adore, she has great charm, She can wear an-y-thing and look chic."
Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele

Christy Turlingron
"Christy is the perfect vision  for the 90s."
Calvin Klein

Christy Turlington
"Christy Turlington is the model of our time."
Arthur Elgort

Christy Turlington
"The perfection of Christy's face is a matter of a millimeter. The structure of her face is remarkably beautiful. In front of the camera,  something happens, as if the light came on, and when you look at her, you think, 'It just can't be, such perfect faces just don't exist!'"
Karl Lagerfeld

Christy Turlington
"You know, in the museum, there's this ochercolored stone in the Egyptian Wing.
On it, there's just bottom half of a woman's face --the mouth and a bit of the jaw-- and I swear, it's Christy Turlington's face."
Cindy Sirko

Christy Turlington
"When someone asks you why someone is beautiful, the only thing I can answer is soul. She's got it. "
Bruce Weber

Christy Turlington
"She's always seen this job for what it is. She's turned down vast sums of money to do shows, because she thought it was wrong, that it would create an artificially high precedent. "
Neil Davenport

Christy Turlington
"Models are actresses, but Christy Turlington is exactly like her image."
Calvin Klein

Christu Turlington
"She's an all-time classic. You can place her in any decade and she'll still be beautiful."
Terry O'Neill

Christy Turlington
"Do you know how many faces God had to go through before he got to yours?"
A crazy man in Tom Junod's
"I Am Christy Turlington I Am the Word"

Christy Turlington
I think most people are curious about what it would be like to be able to meet yourself--it's eerie.
Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington
A supermodel like Christy Turlington can be a chamelion. She's more like an actress who can play role
Polly Mellon

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