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Christy Turlington Hello, dear ladies and gentlemen!

Let me to present the given project on your court. The basic idea of creation of a site - attempt to create the gallery, devoted not only extremely beautiful and harmonous woman which meet a storm of applause on all podiums, but also bright and the mysterious personality who does not cease to surprise us. To the woman with unusual destiny... Christy Turlington.
"A t Christy faultless features: all in her is read to within a quarter of millimeter ". Speaking about noble beauty Christy Turlington, Karl Lagerfeld will not be sparing with praise. "Her face is amazing, - adds cuturie. - When she appears before an objective of the camera, it seems to me, as if someone have included a bright lamp. Looking at her, involuntarily you think: whether " Is it a miracle? Is it possible that someone have such a perfect face?". Today her person is known all over the world, it became the main plot of the most prestigious magazines of a style. And you see once Christy Turlington, the present star of agency Ford, even did not think enter a narrow circle of supermodels...

Christy Turlington Both on and off the catwalk, Christy Turlington has always carried a unique sense of personal charm, sensuality, and sophistication, a distinction that has markedly set her apart from the plethora of supermodels today. As an internationally recognized symbol of beauty, her face a perfectly sculptured work of allure, appeal, and angelic form, it is no surprise that Christy Turlington should be considered one of the most coveted women in the world of fashion, and glamour photography today. The following is a tribute to one of the most sublime women to ever grace the floors of a fashion runway. (Biography)

Christy Turlington's face unites the traditions of the past, fashion of the present and trend of the future.

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